Zakład Zagospodarowania Odpadów Sp.z o.o. (Waste Reclamation Company Ltd.) conducts activities related to environmental protection in the area of waste management through the operation of the municipal waste landfill of the city of Poznań in Suchy Las, the installation for the recovery of biodegradable waste (biocomposting plant) and the Selective Collection of Municipal Waste Points.

The activities of the Company particularly include:

  1. Management of a landfill for non-hazardous and inert waste;
  2. Processing of biodegradable waste at the Biodegradable Waste Recovery Installation - Biocomposting Plant;
  3. Running Selective Municipal Waste Collection Points, including in particular: hazardous and inert, biodegradable, non-hazardous waste and large-size waste;
  4. Ongoing operation and final reclamation of closed waste storage areas;
  5. Neutralization of biogas in the production of electricity and heat as well as sale of surplus generated electricity;
  6. Managing projects conducive to maintaining order and cleanliness in the city of Poznań;
  7. Conducting selective collection and segregation of waste, collection of hazardous and non-hazardous and inert waste and collection of selectively collected waste;
  8. Collection of electrical and electronic equipment;
  9. Recovery, cleaning, selection and sale of waste;
  10. Running environmental education;
  11. Production and sale of organic fertilizer;
  12. Providing equipment and machinery rental services in the field of waste management;
  13. Leasing of containers for selective collection of biodegradable waste along with a washing service;
  14. Sale of containers for selective collection of biodegradable waste.